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New Terminal CCI 1200

CCI 1200

A brand new terminal for KUHN ISOBUS machines

Under the umbrella of the Competence Center ISOBUS (CCI), KUHN has together with other manufacturers developed the new CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal, AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) certified.

Brand-new, large-size, high-performance

The joint work within the CCI organization has already led to the introduction of standardized ISOBUS terminals, interfaces for data exchange and auxiliary control connection as well as different software applications. The CCI 1200 terminal is the last fruit of this successful co-operation.

During the terminal´s development, the focus has been put on increased performances, improved visibility and more flexibility. The result is a large 30.5cm / 12.1” touchscreen terminal in tablet design that facilitates simultaneous display of various information essential for the driver. The anti-glare screen provides for excellent visibility even in sunny conditions.

Two Universal Terminals (UT) in one

The size and design of the terminal enables comfortable, simultaneous display of two ISOBUS machines at the same time. Therefore, the CCI 1200 terminal is equipped twice with the UT function. In this way, you can easily adjust and control a combination of two ISOBUS machines, as it can be the case with a front seed or fertilizer hopper and a rear seed drill or fertilizer spreader, to give just one example.

Simultaneous camera display

Through a video input, the camera live view can be displayed simultaneously, when only working with one ISOBUS machine. In this way, it is easy to keep a good overview over the live work performance as well as most important work data.

Flexible terminal layout

The standard machine display is flexible on the new CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal. Therefore the terminal can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, depending on the place available in the cab. The displayed elements are flexibly re-arranged as soon as the terminal is turned by 90 degrees.


The user´s eyes don´t have to make such an effort anymore. When displaying only one implement, the size of the standard machine display can be increased to the entire terminal height due to the MaxiView feature. By pressing the quick key in the upper status bar, the user can easily switch between different screens and also into MaxiView.

Simple and fast navigation

MultiTouch is the keyword, when it comes to the navigation between different apps. Different intuitive presses, swipes, drag-and-drop as well as pinch-and-stretch finger moves enable the user to navigate easily and fast between different menus, screens and applications. As he is used to from tablet computers as well as Smartphones.

Many CCI apps included as standard

As standard the following CCI applications are provided on the new CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal:

CCI.TECU provides the basic tractor information, such as groundspeed, PTO speed or linkage position for the machine.

CCI.Control is a task controller and directly saves all work carried out with a given ISOBUS machine.

CCI.Convert enables the work with a biomass sensor and therefore variable rate application depending on the current nutritional status of the crop.

CCI.Cam allows to connect a camera and display its live view on the terminal.

CCI.Help System is an innovative support system for the farmer. At every moment, he can access information about the currently open apps and its functionalities. Settings are explained with the help of pictures and videos.

GPS precision

With the CCI.Command Section Control app, which is available as option for the CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal, the user can switch up to 254 sections via GPS. It also integrates a headland management function.

The Parallel Tracking module of CCI.Command establishes tramlines automatically via GPS.

Multi Rate Control

This new application is also available as option. It makes it possible to apply two different application rates, meaning to control the left and right metering unit of a fertilizer spreader separately. All precision goals can be thus achieved!

One terminal for all ISOBUS machines

As far as the KUHN solutions for arable farming are concerned, the CCI 1200 terminal can control the following ISOBUS machine series:

Conventional seed drills

Front hopper

Universal seed drills

Precision planters

Fertilizer spreaders

Four-rotor rakes

High-density balers

Round balers

Round Baler-Wrapper Combinations

SW 4014

Mounted and trailed sprayers

The CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal is - as all other CCI terminals - also certified by the Agricultural Electronics Foundation (AEF). It can therefore operate different ISOBUS implements, both from KUHN and other manufacturers. The user can find detailed information about compatibilities on the AEF database (www.aef-isobus-database.org).

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