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GMD 1021 F series: the all-terrain mountain machine

Upscaling front-mounted compact mowers with the arrival of the GMD 1021 F series. They come in 2 working widths with the GMD 2721 F and GMD 3121 F. They are compact and light weight so are perfectly adapted to work on slopes and very hilly areas.

KUHN shows you how to mow slopes steeper than 30°

The GMD 1021 F series is perfectly suited to mountain farms with slope tractors. It works land steeper than 30% easily, with impressive ground following.
This is due to:

- Its compact design and lighter weight (from 575 kg).

- Its effective ground adaptation system that reduces ground pressure (2 springs or tractor-integrated suspension).

- Its pendulum-type articulation with a range of +/-8°.


The OPTIDISC cutter bar is reputed for its robustness and it is completely maintenance-free. It has latest generation features for maximum overlap and a small mowing angle. Like all OPTIDISC cutter bars, it also comes with PROTECTADRIVE safety against obstacles, FAST-FIT knife attachment and isolation mounts.
A clean cut is ensured even in hilly areas. Disc design was specially studied to enhance forage evacuation from the mower unit. Converging disc rotation optimises crop flow-through to the centre of the machine to produce smaller swaths.
In order to avoid damage when mowing along field edges or next to trees, the exclusive FlexProtect flexible external cover can bend and return to shape. This feature saves on repair costs.
Users benefit from enhanced ergonomics too: mobile tool box for easy knife replacement. Machine coupling, uncoupling and cleaning is simple as is its modern design.

The benefit: drying time can be improved by hitching a TC 320 conditioner to the rear.

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