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KUHN won two Mention Innovation Awards at EIMA 2018 Technical Innovation Contest

The Evaluation Committee of EIMA International 2018 has assigned the recognition of "Special Mention" to two Technical Innovations related to two technologies : SpeedServo, an innovative motor that increases the efficiency of AXIS spreaders of 25%, and Smart Plowing, the automatic position on the field of the VARI MASTER L On Land plow bodies by GPS.

The innovations are two important awards that give value to KUHN's goals: to be always close to the farmers with innovative solutions that make machine management simple and increase productivity and efficiency. Innovations coming from the experience that KUHN has achieved and strengthened over the years.

SpeedServo is an innovative motor for controlling the opening of the spreading outlets

In particular, the new KUHN AXIS 40.2 H-EMC with SpeedServo changes completely the electrically driven centrifugal spreader production. SpeedServo is an innovative motor for controlling the opening of the spreading outlets.
The plus of SpeedServo is its extraordinary simplicity, with unique great advantages compared to other drive systems used by other manufacturers.
SpeedServo is up to three times faster than conventional linear drive motors, while maintaining the spreading accuracy unchanged. The AXIS 40.2 H EMC fertilizer spreader with SpeedServo increases the spreading efficiency by 25% if compared to traditional fertilizer spreaders, thanks to the rapid adjustment of the dosage and distribution system.

Thanks to its simplicity, robustness and reliability, SpeedServo significantly improves performance, while ensuring great efficiency and lower engine consumption.

More information about AXIS 40.2 H EMC

VARI MASTER L On Land SMART PLOUGHING the real control system of the sections

VARI MASTER L On Land SMART PLOUGHING is the innovative plow of KUHN that, thanks to the GPS, allows the sequential entry of the bodies into the header of the plot.
This is a real control system of the sections that allows you to automatically and individually lift each body thanks to a system completely integrated into the plow itself. Lifting takes place via the GPS system. The geolocation of the plow allows to automate the entry and exit points of the bodies, achieving uniform plowing regardless of the working conditions and the shape of the field.

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