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Silage Feeders & Straw Blowers

The time farmers have at their disposal for putting down bedding and for feeding their livestock is getting shorter and shorter.

This situation requires manufacturers of silage cutter/straw blower machines to develop userfriendly models that save time on a daily basis.

ALTOR and ATHENOR models are especially designed to enable you to:
- Load all products quickly thanks to their outstanding grab power and exceptional arm movement
- Put down quality bedding thanks to its exclusive “shower” straw blowing concept.
- Recycle and distribute easily with the ATHENOR models
- Ally robustness and user-friendliness in the shape of electric controls, and enjoy years of pleasure.

Models equipped with a POLYDRIVE system enable hay and wrapped bales to be distributed in a safe and risk free manner.

Silage Cutters & Straw Blowers with Mechanical Beater
ALTOR 4560
ALTOR 5070 M
ALTOR 6070


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