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Self-Propelled TMR Mixers

KUHN self-propelled mixer wagons have been developed to save time when feeding large herds. These SP models perform a number of functions including loading and mixing different ingredients and finally distributing the rations accurately using a built-in weighing system.

Single-Auger Vertical Self-Propelled TMR Mixers
SPV Access 12.1 DL
SPV Access 14.1 DL
SPV Access 15.1 DL
SPV Power 12.1 DL
SPV Power 14.1 DL
SPV Power 15.1 DL
SPV Power 17.1 DL
Two-Auger Vertical Self-Propelled TMR Mixers
SPW Intense 14.2 CS
SPW Intense 16.2 CS
SPW Intense 18.2 CS
SPW Intense 19.2 CL
SPW Intense 22.2 CL
SPW Intense 25.2 CL
SPW Intense 27.2 CL


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