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Product range 
Ploughing :
Mounted reversible ploughs, Semi-mounted reversible ploughs
Seeding :
Front Hoppers / Seed Carts, Mechanical seed drills, Pneumatic seed drills, Mechanical precision seed drills, Pneumatic precision seed drills
Spraying :
Trailed agricultural sprayers, Mounted agricultural sprayers, Integrated sprayers
Shredders :
Shredder with horizontal axis, Rotary Toppers
Balers :
Round balers, Round Baler-Wrapper Combinations, High density balers
Choppers :
Maize choppers
Manure spreading :
Manure spreader with rear discharge, Side spreaders
Tillage :
Deep working cultivators, Stubble cultivators, Disc harrows, Vertical tillage, Strip-Till, Seedbed preparation tools, Rollers
Fertilisation :
Lifting Equipment, Fertiliser Spreaders
Landscape Maintenance :
Offset arm Verge Shredders, Hedge and Grass Cutters, Salt and Sand Spreaders
Hay / Silage Making :
Mowers, Mower Conditioners, Conditioners, Gyrotedders, Rakes, Tedder-Rake Combinations
Wrappers :
Round bale wrappers, Square bale wrappers
Bedding & Feeding :
TMR Mixers, Self-Propelled TMR Mixers, Silage Cutters, Straw Blowers & Feeders, Silage Feeders & Straw Blowers, Feed Delivery Boxes

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