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e-TWIN Calculator


e -TWIN technology

Besides a standard single stretch, KUHN introduces the RW 10 series with e -TWIN for excellent cost efficient wrapping. The innovative e -TWIN technology enables wrapping via a unique combined pre-stretcher design with patented film distribution to save 50% on wrapping time and also on film costs. The conical pre-stretch rollers have been positioned in such a way that the two 750mm film wraps with 2/3 overlap are glued together providing a double layer before they leave the pre-stretcher unit. .

Unique advantages of e -TWIN

    1. Save 50% wrapping time.
    2. Further film saving achieved by increased prestretch ratio.
    3. Tighter wrapped bales increases the airtightness and so quality of feed.
    4. Extreme tear resistance under all circumstances.
    5. Available on manual, joystick and computer version.
  • Approx. 80 cm heigh film when arriving at the bale which ensures less wrinkling and better positioned film wrap around the bale.
  • Standard film on end sensor on computer operated wrapper which detects when both film rolls are empty. Optionally an automatic film layer correction kit is available. This kit detects in an early stage when one of the two rollers is empty and then automatically corrects the number of table revolutions to finish the bale with the remaining film roll.

Check out how e -TWIN technology can bring cost efficiency for your wrapping business.

e -TWIN calculator

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