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19/09/2016GA 13131 : The pasture octopus
Endurance test by DLZ Agrarmagazin
SD Kuhn dlz 03 201620(Gb).pdf
02/09/2016KUHN SHOP Catalog
From small-scale models to children’s items and clothes, the articles in our KUHN Shop reflect the attention to detail and high quality finish that have been part of KUHN’s philosophy and have characterized our products since 1828. We hope you enjoy discovering our entire offer of KUHN items.
01/09/2016New KUHN disc mowers GMD 1011 Series
LIFT CONTROL provides only advantages on the new KUHN disc mowers
Disc Mower series 1011 English.pdf
01/09/2016FC 244, FC 284 and FC 314 LIFT CONTROL
LIFT CONTROL provides only advantages on the new KUHN disc mower conditioners FC 244, FC 284 and FC 314
Fc 104 series Mower-conditionner English.pdf
01/09/2016GA 13131 and GA 15131 4 rotor gyrorakes
4 rotor gyrorakes with central delivery are ISOBUS compatible
ISOBUS 4 rotor gyrorake English.pdf
01/09/2016DELTIS 2, simplicity above all!
KUHN continues to develop its CROP PROTECTION range
DELTIS2 English.pdf
01/09/2016GMD 3125 F and GMD 3525 F
New front-mounted disc mowers
GMD 3125 F GMD 3525 F English.pdf
01/09/2016OPTIFILLER incorporator (DELTIS 2)
An innovative chemical induction bowl: high volume and compact!
OPTIFILLER Incorporator English.pdf
16/08/2016HR 6040 R / HR 8040 R: increase work output safely!
The new design of these « large width » power harrows meet high criteria in terms of reliability and productivity, in order to match the most stringent requirements.
HR6040R-HR8040R Power harrows English.pdf
08/08/2016EL 402 R « large width » power tiller
KUHN has developed the new power tiller EL 402 R with a working width of 6m, adapted to tractors of up to 400hp.
EL 402R Power tiller English.pdf
05/08/2016Quality of work and high capacity with the BC 1000 range
KUHN has developed the BC 1000 range with no less than 5 models available.
27/07/2016PERFORMER 6000-7000 deep tine-disc cultivator
Complementary PERFORMER products for tractors from 360 hp to 700 hp
Press release PERFORMER 6000-7000 GB.pdf
27/07/2016PROLANDER 6 and 7.5 metre trailed models
New versatile seedbed cultivators with vibrating tines
Press release PROLANDER GB.pdf
29/06/2016ESPRO 4000 R. Increased output. Reduced power requirement.
This new foldable seed drill has a working width of 4m.
14/06/2016New small-scale model of the BCR 2800
Following the KUHN LSB 1290 iD small-scale model, it was the BCR 2800 shredder’s turn to be praised in the May/June 2016 issue of the specialized magazine Model Farmer.
03/06/2016KUHN ESPRO universal seed drill tested by AGRARTECHNIK
SD Kuhn dlz 03 2016.pdf
13/05/2016GMD 5251 TC: the new « high capacity » trailed central drawbar disc mower
KUHN offers a cost-effective alternative with regards to front-rear mowing units coupled to tractors of a certain size and necessarily equipped with a front lift linkage and PTO-shaft.
GMD 5251 TC Trailed central drawbar disc mower English.pdf
12/05/2016Trailed mower conditioner with side drawbar and hydraulic pivoting swath shields FC 3160 TLV
The range of KUHN trailed mower conditioners counts a new model with side drawbar and hydraulic swath shields
FC 3160 TLV Trailed mower conditioner with side drawbar and hydraulic pivoting swath shields English (002).pdf
27/04/2016KUHN, partner of the "Data Hub" project in collaboration with DKE
KUHN is partner for developing a cross-manufacturer data hub...
26/04/2016The small-scale model KUHN LSB 1290 iD showcased!
The small-scale model produced by WIKING showcased in the specialist press.
01/03/2016KUHN invests in a new Logistics Centre
After creating in 2008 its second Alsatian production site dedicated to the assembly of large machines in Monswiller, KUHN is entering a new phase in order to meet future challenges and demands of its international clientele by reorganizing and modernizing its internal logistics...
Press release KUHN New Logistics Centre CLC.pdf
29/02/2016Mower conditioner FC Series 1060 TLR: an innovation rewarded in the United States
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) awarded the AE50 award to...
04/01/2016KUHN SW 4014 wins multiple Innovation Awards in 2015
KUHN Square Bale Wrapper SW 4014 wins multiple Innovation Awards in 2015 !
16/10/2015Award-winning KUHN SW 4014 AutoLoad at AGRIBEX 2015
KUHN Square Bale Wrapper SW 4014 wins “Zilveren aar” at the AGRIBEX 2015!
10/09/2015KUHN Square bale Wrapper SW 4014
Invention awarded a silver medal at the AGRITECHNICA 2015 innovation awards. Press release.
10/09/2015SW 4014 awarded a silver medal at the AGRITECHNICA 2015!
Thanks to the innovative AutoLoad function on the SW 4014, KUHN awarded a silver medal at the AGRITECHNICA 2015 innovation awards!
28/04/2015KUHN ForageXpert: For a powerful forage harvesting chain!
KUHN ForageXpert: Find the mower, mower-conditioner, tedder and rake that are best adapted to your needs !
KUHN ForageXpert new mobile application-20150430.pdf
15/04/2015The fertilizer spreader AXIS 50.1 H EMC W wins ASABE AE 50 award
The jury of the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) rewarded the KUHN fertilizer spreader AXIS 50.1 H EMC W.
ASABE AXIS 50.1 H EMC English.pdf
09/04/2015The new KUHN GRASSMASTER official website is online!
Simply Great Forage! Discover now our expertise on hay forage, baling and wrapping on kuhn-grassmaster.com! Click here.
KUHN GRASSMASTER Thematic Website PressRelease 20150408.pdf
24/02/2015The min-till seed drill ESPRO is Machine of the year 2015!
The "Machine of the year" contest is organized in odd years by Terre-Net at the SIMA. The jury is composed of journalists from 11 European countries.
22/02/2015The SIMA 2015 live!
Sunday 22 February 2015 at Paris-Nord Villepinte, Stéphane Le Foll, Minister of Agriculture, Agrofood and Forestry, inaugurated the 76th edition of the SIM
06/11/2014PROFILE PLUS - TMR Mixers/Straw Blowers with VENTIDRIVE: COMPACTNESS and VERSATILITY combined!
The Kuhn mixing and feeding machine range is expanding in 2014 with the arrival of new models in the PROFILE PLUS line. After the launch of cross-conveyor versions of PROFILE mixers in 2010, followed by direct feeding versions two years later, 2014 will be the year that sees “PROFILE PLUS” models enter the market. This new range of TMR mixers with straw blowing system adopts the double-auger vertical mixing concept – the best compromise between high capacity and low overall height. Cette nouvelle gamme de mélangeuses avec turbine de paillage reprend le concept de mélange à deux vis verticales, meilleur compromis entre les capacités importantes et des hauteurs hors tout faibles.
Press release PROFILE PLUS 2014 GB.pdf
06/11/2014KUHN Group receives two awards at the EIMA
The KUHN Group has received two awards at the international agricultural machinery exhibition EIMA which will take place in Bologna in Italy from the 12th to the 16th November.
Press release EIMA 2014 Awards English.pdf
06/11/2014PROFILE TMR Mixer Range - Two new “Extra-Low” Models
The Kuhn mixing and feeding machine range is expanding with the arrival of two new models in the PROFILE line: PROFILE 1270 and PROFILE 1370.
Presse release PROFILE 1270 1370 2014 GB.pdf
05/11/2014Primor 4260 M cut control
The performance of a straw blower and all-fodder feeder with the added bonus of controlled cutting!
04/11/2014Tripel-auger vertical Euromix I
Large TMR Mixers: As the size of European livestock farms continues to grow, the Kuhn Group is expanding its TMR mixer range with four triple-auger models.
Tripel-auger vertical Euromix I 2014 GB.pdf
04/11/2014Automatic feeding KUHN - TKS: Working together to develop automatic feeding systems
To meet the increasing demand from Western European dairy farmers looking to improve working conditions and reduce the constraints involved in ration feeding, the Kuhn Group finalized a partnership agreement with the Norwegian company TKS on Monday 15 September 2014.
Presse release TKS KUHN 2014 GB.pdf
07/10/2014MERGE MAXX 902 Belt Merger with new features
New features have been added to the MERGE MAXX belt merger with a view to meeting user requirements of this type of tool, which are in constant evolution, and to live up to very high expectations, notably in terms of working speed and forage density (sorghum, immature rye…).
MERGE MAXX 902 Belt merger English.pdf
07/10/2014New central delivery rake with four rotors: the GA 13131
Following the introduction of 4 new « high capacity » twin-rotor rakes in the autumn of 2013, we now have the GA 13131 with 4 rotors. This tool compliments the KUHN product offer of rakes with central delivery.
GA 13131 Gyrorake English.pdf
07/10/2014New KUHN basic model disc mowers GMD 16, GMD 20, GMD 24 and GMD 28
KUHN basic model disc mowers have been renewed with the arrival of the GMD 16 – 20 – 24 and 28, featuring respective working widths of 1.60m, 2m, 2.40m and 2.80m.
GMD 16-28 Disc mowers English.pdf
06/10/2014The new GA 3801 GM single-rotor rake and GA 6501 P new mounted twin-rotor rake
Two new mounted Gyrorakes GA 3801 GM and GA 6501 P with one and two rotors, respectively.
01/10/2014Transition and Continuity in Management within KUHN GROUP
Thierry KRIER has officially succeeded Michel SIEBERT as President and CEO of KUHN GROUP effective October 1
18/09/2014GMD 240, GMD 280 and GMD 310: KUHN mid-range discs mowers are totally reviewed
KUHN’s mid-range disc mowers, GMD 600 to 800 GII have now been taken over by GMD 240, GMD 280 and GMD 310. The name of the machine indicates its working width (2.40m – 2.80m and 3.10m).
GMD 240-310 Disc mowers English.pdf
15/09/2014New trailed mower conditioners FC 2860 – FC 3160 – FC 3560 – FC 4060
KUHN has renewed its range of trailed mower conditioners adding new models which distinguish themselves by their name ending with « 60 »; the FC 2860, FC 3160, FC3560, and FC 4060 featuring working widths of 2.67 m to 4.00 m. FC3560, et FC 4060.
FC 2860 to FC 406 trailed mower conditionners with central drawbar English.pdf
12/09/2014New mower conditioners now available with rollers (TLR and TCR)
The majority of new generation mower conditioners are now also available with a roller conditioner. Model details are as follows: FC 2860, FC 3160 and FC 3560 TLR with side drawbar, and FC 3160, FC 3560 and FC 4060 TCR in central drawbar versions.
TLR and TCR Trailed mower conditioners with rollers English .pdf
11/09/2014New trailed mower conditioners now in side drawbar (TL) version
Following the recent introduction of the new FC 3160 to FC 4060 mower conditioners with central drawbar, the trailed range of mower conditioners is expanding with the arrival of 3 new side drawbar models: FC 2860, FC 3160 and FC 3560 TL.
Trailed mower conditioners TLD in side drawbar version English.pdf
The value of a used plough will relate as much to its suitability for its intended role as its overall condition...
Kuhn buying a Plough.pdf
Kuhn is pleased to announce that an agreement was signed on March 7, 2014 for the acquisition of Montana Indústria de Máquinas S.A. (“Montana”), headquartered in São José dos Pinhais (Paraná), Brazil. This important step was reached following a general understanding regarding the acquisition as announced on January 31, 2014. Closing of the transaction is planned to take place during the second quarter 2014.
2014 03 montanaEN.pdf
07/03/2014PRO-LONGER GII Telescopic
Just the extra height you needed
The new training centre located in Alsace, at the centre of Europe.
24/02/2014COMBILINER SITERA: tests passed with flying colours
The DLG, a German independent organization specialized in agriculture, tested the COMBILINER SITERA 3000 thoroughly. Its goal: evaluate the quality of work.





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