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 Shredded and stubble ploughed as soon as harvesting is finished

Shredded and stubble ploughed as soon as harvesting is finished

Managing crop residues and stalks from cereal and rape seed is a priority if you are to start off on the right foot for the next harvest. The quality of stubble ploughing is important in controlling weeds and providing good conditions for end of summer seeding.

Good intercrop management constitutes AGRONOMIC ASSETS for the next crop:

To control weeds with successful presowing, aiming for good weed germination through superficial seed positioning.
To prepare the seedbed (in Min-till techniques) through accelerated stalk decomposition by optimising 3 factors: soil + humidity + air.
To control seed depth for the next crop (in Min-till techniques) through perfect levelling.
To preserve soil humidity (in Min-till techniques) through superficial mulching which prevents evaporation.

The quality of stubble ploughing is a key to success in the Minimum Tillage Technique.
Stubble ploughing also provides the opportunity to install intermediate cover.

With an SD
With an SH distributor on a stubble ploughing tool

KUHN offers 4 tools to meet your goals:
DISCOVER: disc tool for stubble ploughing where there are large quantities of residue.
CULTIMER: multipurpose tool with tines. A single tool for surface stubble ploughing and loosening.
MIXTER: combined tines and discs.
OPTIMER: Surface stubble ploughing with independent discs.





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