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 NEW RW 1600 C AUTOLOAD: Greater management and control

NEW RW 1600 C AUTOLOAD: Greater management and control

The new RW 1600 C round bale wrapper from KUHN has an integrated AUTOLOAD function. This trailed self-loading turntable wrapper is capable of wrapping round bales up to 120 cm x 100/150 cm (W x D) and up to 1200 kg.

AUTOLOAD is a new innovative system that automatically picks up a bale with the loading arm and puts it on the wrapping table, without any action needed from the driver. Picking up a second bale with the loading arm during the wrapping process is also possible: the bale will be picked up half way up and be held there. When the wrapping process is ready the waiting bale automatically gets loaded further on the wrapping table. The driver can hold both hands on the steering wheel and doesn’t have to push a button over and over to load the bales.

Strong low design: thanks to its low and strong design with a low table height and standard large wheels located at the rear of the machine, there is no need for an active fall damper. This saves extra process steps and allows the bale to be unloaded on the move. This increases the overall capacity significantly. In addition, the RW 1600 C can load bales up to 1200kg, and distributes the bale weight towards the tractor. This avoids slippage and grip problems in hilly circumstances.

New electronics: the RW 1600 C uses completely new electronics to provide increased functionality, ergonomics, safety and capacity.
The machine is controlled with an easy to operate and fully automatic computer system with integrated joystick. This new electronics package, in combination with the AUTOLOAD system, has made the RW 1600 C one of the fastest single-stretcher turntable wrappers on the market. The process can be interrupted and started at anytime with the Play/Pause function. Having full control of the process prevents operator mistakes that can lead to machine breakages.    

A new film detection system is standard as fitted as the RW 1600 C model.

Cost efficient wrapping: the RW 1600 C model with AUTOLOAD offers users greater management and control capability. The RW 1600 C features KUHN’s well-known 750 mm aluminium pre-stretchers with cone-shaped outer ends, automatic film cutter and storage for up to 6 spare film rolls. Depending on local circumstances, crop conditions and storage periods, the operator can easily and quickly adjust the amount of film layers applied to each bale. The film is pre-stretched by a standard setting of 70% to give excellent film coverage and to reduce film usage.





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