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 GA 6632-7932-9032

GA 6632-7932-9032

To meet your requirements relative to yield and performance, KUHN offers 3 models of windrowers with different rotor diameters.

The versatility, manoeuvrability, ease of use and working output of these machines will amaze you from the first time of use.

This windrower is specially designed for farmers who use their machine intensively and appreciate small rotors for better ground hugging on uneven ground.

Its windrow width is designed for use with high-capacity presses. And on the road, its dimensions do not exceed 3.50 m. Opt for a good price / working width ratio.

Your surprise will be as big as the new GA 9032 windrower:

Discover the biggest windrower on the market, with up to 8.80 m in double-windrow position and benefit from an excellent price / working width ratio.




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