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 Drum Mower PZ 320 LIFT-CONTROL®

Drum Mower PZ 320 LIFT-CONTROL®

The KUHN PZ 320 drum mower features a foldable front cover and FLEXPROTECT side covers which provide easy access for daily safety inspections and routine maintenance checks.

The unit’s modular design uses strong aluminium components which keep the overall weight of the mower low. Every cutting component has it’s own gear box so that any damage incurred does not result in total machine failure.

The KUHN PX 320 uses a direct drive transmission system enabling more power to be used..

The PZ 320 uses KUHN’s well-known LIFT-CONTROL ® system which uses hydro-pneumatics and hydraulics to prevent damage from foreign objects. When the machine hits an obstacle, the mower unit moves upwards and backwards. The mower is hydraulically controlled to ease headland manoeuvring and to allow precise height control when mowing.

The PZ 320 is easy to transport: it has a maximum transporting height of 360cm with 40cm of ground clearance. It also has a low centre of gravity and good weight distribution and allows the tractors tail-lights to remain visible at all times.

The PZ 320 can also be used to mow verges and slopes thanks to its +/- 30 degrees operating angle.

Cutting height is easily adjusted using a spindle mounted on top of the mower. This removes the need to crawl under the mower to make adjustments.

Key features:
Direct drive transmission
Easy to transport
Easy to maintain
Adjustable cutting height
Adjustable mowing angle

PZ 320





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