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 Day to day - Kuhn Solutions : AXIS ®

Day to day - Kuhn Solutions : AXIS ®

AXIS ® : a distillation of simplicity, precision and productivity!!!

AXIS ® 20.1 - 30.1 – 40.1 – 40.1 W
A complete range from 12 to 42 m, varying between 1000 and 3000 litres

Integrated fertilisation:

Control of your fertiliser supply the guarantee of savings

The right application rate,
To meet the needs of the crop

At the right time,
Supply it when the plant needs it

In the right place
For the crop and not elsewhere

For profitable production, respecting the environment

Take advantage of AXIS technology: the new generation of fertiliser spreaders from KUHN!!

Control and Distribution of the
material being spread

QUANTRON E Control Box:
user-friendly and accurate DPAE

AXIS 40.1 W:
integrated weighing system

Dealing with border spreading and
Finding the right way to fertilise




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