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20 years of Pre-chopping Systems


Being the pioneer in the 90’s KUHN’s baling factory proudly presents 20 years of cutting quality on its baler range. Utilizing the knowledge of more over then 20.000 cutting devices sold worldwide, KUHN introduces now an innovative and complete new cutting design on its round balers.

Good quality of silage is very important. By cutting the silage properly the digestion and the nutrition value the cattle can take out of it improves considerable. Secondly a well cutted bale can be compressed more (evenly) increasing quality and decreasing the number of bales. And finally a well cutted bale is easier to handle in the feeding process.

By introducing the cutting device in 1990 on the fixed chamber round balers, silage making has been brought to the next level. In copy off the fixed chamber round balers the cutting device was also introduced on the variable chamber round balers, the BIO and large square balers.

Pioneering and developments did go on during the years and several innovations have been introduced. INTEGRAL ROTOR technology, 23 OC HYDROPROTECT and OMNICUT combined with either 3D wrapping and/or INTELLWRAP™ have improved the silage making process massively.

The all new generation of chopping devices (patented) have been completely re-designed and stands for several unique features which will improve chopping quality; which will improve capacity and which will decrease power requirement.

By redesigning the shape of the intake rotor the silage is easily drawn along the extended knives and follows a non-resistance and natural flow into the bale chamber. The silage is guided and drawn to the knives in an early stage which improves the flow and cutting performance and is also preventing unwanted blockage. As a result of the redesigned intake unit the power requirement of the round balers is decreased.




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